Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Oh Goodie, Goodie!

I'm pretty sure that one of my love languages is gift giving.

Not only because it's a nice way to show someone that you're thinking of them, but it's also fun to think of gift ideas and pretty packaging (y'all know my love for paper and presentation!). Although most people associate gift giving with Christmas, I also think that Thanksgiving is an opportune time to show people that you are thankful for them and that you appreciate them.

And in my eyes, what better way to show this than by food.

Bake a loaf of pumpkin bread or banana bread! Its super easy to make, and will last quite awhile. I made pumpkin bread for my good friend Mary, and she said that she ate it for breakfast for a few days! As far as gift wrapping a loaf of bread goes, I bout the bread gift bags at Wal-Mart (they'll be located with the extravagant cake decorating supplies, usually close to the craft aisle and wedding aisle), which included the ribbon. I got the free 'Thankful for Sweet Friends Like You!' tag from Lil' Luna {all things good} blog, and wrapped it with white and gold twine that I found at Target.

If you don't quite feel like making bread, or feel like your on a time crunch, there is always that wonderful thing called Nestle Tollhouse Cookie dough. Buy them precut, slap them on a cookie sheet and throw them in the oven for about 10 minutes and voila, you're a domestic goddess.

Obviously, you still want to make it look like you put a lot of time into this gift. Presentation time! I like to find pretty little gift bags and tags to snaz it up a bit.

I found these mint and gold bags from the Oh Joy! collection at Target (I'm obsessed with her stuff and was tempted to buy everything in her little corner of Target!), I also picked up these gold glittered clothe pins from their craft aisle as well. I printed out these pretty little tags from She Wears Many Hats blog, and added a pop of color to them by painting over them with pink watercolor paint.

I hope my friends love how they turned out as much as I do!

Keep Celebrating!

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