Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday's Freebie: Sorority Printables!

Well ladies, the wait is over!

You can now download our Sigma Kappa Sorority prints!

Frame one and put it on your desk or nightstand, pin it to your dorm room door or corkboard, or create a gallery wall using multiple prints, pictures of your sisters, and some pretty Greek letters or your monogram!  You can also give them away as a big/little, heart sister, or initiation gift.
Hello?! Endless possibilities here, people.

While we really do bleed lavender and maroon over here (and may or may not do housework while humming "Sigma Kappa we love you.. WOAH WOAH WOAH!"..seriously don't judge us), we definitely want to show some panhellenic love here by giving away prints with your letters on them, whatever they may be! 
Just contact us and let us know your sorority and which print you'd like and we'll send it your way!

How it Works
We keep all of our printables stored in Google Docs.  When clicking on the printable, you will be redirected to our Google Docs site.  After clicking on your printable, you will click the download button (be sure to do this! Files print more clearly when they're fully downloaded!). Then, print to your hearts desire!

When printing, click "fit to printer margins" or "fit page" to make sure your printable is not cut off or off centered.  We also recommend printing on cardstock to get the highest quality.  If you have any questions or problems while printing or downloading, feel free to contact us!

 Share the Love
We'd love nothing more than if you shared our printable via social media!  We'd love to see what creative ways you use them!  Please be sure to mention us (@emilyyycain @emilyruth_mak) and use our hashtags: #emvitation #theemilyspost

Be Sweet!
These printables were made by The Emilys Post as a FREE gift to you, because, well, we like you!  Please do not alter these images in any way or exclude our logo.  We'll keep being sweet if you keep being sweet!

We hope you enjoy your new Greek decor!

Be sure to stop by each Friday for a fab Friday Freebie.
We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday weekend. We'll see you on Monday!

Until then, Keep Celebrating!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Address to Impress

I am a firm believer that a first impression can go a long way and that we should do small things with great love.  This belief of mine is not excluded to sending out letters in the mail.

I love receiving and sending out letters and invitations!  One of my favorite parts about sending out mail is addressing the envelopes.

I guess that sounds a little strange, but since we live in the age of evites, Facebook groups, and group text messaging, our mailboxes tend to be filled with more junk mail, or even worse bills, than a nice thank you note, a pretty birthday or party invite, or just a friendly hello.

I can only imagine the excitement people get when they are sorting through their typed-addressed and blah white envelopes to find a bright and colorful handwritten envelope.  It's like discovering a diamond in the ruff!  You know something fun is inside, and better yet, it's from someone you actually know (What?  People used to get mail from people they actually knew and not large companies?  Now that's just bananas).

I like to add a little sparkle and shine when addressing my envelopes, and here are just a few ways that you can too!

1.  Use colored envelopes.  Depending on the occasion, try to stand out among the rest of the drab mail.  I wouldn't recommend this for a condolence or formal thank you letter, but if it's just to say hey or a party invite, I think the brighter the better!  People are more likely to open the bright pink envelope first over a boring white one.

2.  Address using colored ink.  I love, love, love using paint pens or colorful pens when addressing envelopes, especially if it's in gold or silver!  They seem to give your letter just a little bit more pop!
*Be careful though!  If you like to use a ruler and draw lines on the envelope to make the address straight like I do, be sure to erase those lines before writing with a paint pen.  If you try to erase afterwards, your lettering will smear!  Take it from someone who learned that the hard way...

3.  Mix up fonts.  I think it always shows off some creativity and interest when you mix up your fonts.  I usually like to write the name of the lucky recipient in cursive or a fun script-like font and then write the address in all capitols or in bold.  Just be sure that no matter what kind of handwritten font you use, that the address is legible to the post office.  The last thing you want is to have an invitation returned because the mailman couldn't read who it was supposed to go to!

4.  Add some graphics.  Want to really spice up your mail and impress the person you're sending it to?  Add a wreath around the address, draw a bow, arrow, flags, whatever you like or fits the occasion underneath, above, or beside the address!  It shows that you put time and thought into their letter.  Trust me, people will take notice!

So pull out those pens and stationary, and start writing that thank you note you've been putting off or that letter of encouragement you know someone needs.  I guarantee it will bring a smile to their face and make their day just a little bit brighter!

Keep Celebrating,

Monday, August 25, 2014

Sorority Recruitment Gifts

Last weekend the Emilys took on Chattanooga for some bid day fun (more on that later!).  Our sorority welcomed in 52 girls into our sisterhood, and aside from the severe heat, we had such a great time visiting with all of our "little" sisters!
More importantly though, is that my sister-in-law will soon become my SORORITY SISTER, and needless to say, I'm completed ecstatic about it!

Can we just have a nostalgic moment really quick?  Fall gets me in that feeling sometimes (newsflash- the PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE came back TODAY- so it's safe to consider it fall).
Listen, I remember being that freshman girl, running out to my sorority on bid day and then returning to my dorm that evening thinking that I needed to buy ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in sight that had a Gator, Dove, or the colors maroon or lavender on it. I mean it. Everything.  And I don't really think I ever got out of that little crazed funk considering my Junior year I painted the walls of my bedroom LAVENDER? (Who does that? Apparently, 20 year old me does...)
I'd call it a deranged sickness, but I don't think I was alone.

So today I'm sharing a few printables that can easily be given to any sorority girl in your life (that may or may not be suffering from said sickness...) who's gone through sorority recruitment!

The best thing about these is that all you need is a white frame and you're golden!
What's that? How do I get super cute printables that has my sorority on them so that I can keep and/or give them to someone, you say? And how much for them?  Is that what I'm hearing?

Check back here on FRIDAY for our Friday Freebies!
Pssst... These may or may not be them!

Until then, Keep Celebrating!